Happiness and Health site is an amalgamation of five different blogs which help us to imbibe all the different facets of our mind and body. It caters to satisfy the need for knowledge, handle curiosity and enjoy sharing and acceptance.

It’s philosophy is...

If you want to help people, answer their questions;
If you want to transform them, then question their answers; &
If you want to heal them, then love and accept them just as they are.

Happiness and Health 
This blog shares in-depth knowledge about different emotions,  their internal functioning and ill effects. It also shares how and when to utilise this knowledge to overcome our physical ailments and mental limiting beliefs to achieve overall well-being.  It also explains happiness and emphasises its importance for good health. Here we find simple yet effective ways to cultivate happiness in our lives. The consequential increase in happiness can be measured too!
This blog also shares a few significant storiespresentations,  audio and videos for quick comprehension.

Health Guide
This blog is a set of question and answers about health in the form of information and daily reminders. It asks simple questions to the readers and prompts them to answer and share their insights about the topic. It encourages readers to share their own queries too.

21 days to Happiness
This blog is your go-to blog to understand your current happiness levels and also the ways to increase them each day with the 21 days routine. It includes every possible way to add to your Happiness from the words you speak to the way you use your body.

Gift Happiness
This blog ideally is the action step taken after cross examining and absorbing the wisdom of how happiness helps generate good health. It shares happiness quotes and snippets in the form of e-cards which are convenient to share with others and also to pocket some for themselves.

Catechize Happiness and Health
This bog is for you to get answers to the most common questions about Happiness and Health in the form of images. They stay in your mind long after you have all your answers!

So let's get started and add loads of happiness and health in our lives.

Thanks for being a part of the happiness and health journey.

Twinkle Thakkar ✨
Happiness and Health Coach