Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Emotions and Diseases

If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness. Only then is it possible to help him. ~ Hippocrates

Any illness enters our body only because of our limiting beliefs. These could be beliefs in lack, isolation, separation, or extinction. Once beliefs of helplessness and vulnerability get formed, they attract a whole gamut of thoughts and resultant experiences which further reinforce those beliefs. An illness is an experience born out of the basic fear that something is wrong. This fear creates a baggage of unresolved issues, which settle down in our body tissues. Hence, an illness is nothing but a combination of ‘issues in our tissues’. This article deals with some common conditions and their probable corresponding causative unconscious unmonitored thoughts and emotions.

LOOKS - The image we project about ourselves 
The first and foremost aspect of our body is our looks and personality. All our beliefs about our self worth and the way we wish to interact with others manifests here.
Our skin forms the boundary between our physical self and environment. Any emotional conflict within where one is unable to form boundary with people around manifests as skin disorders like acne and pimples. Our skin starts showing premature aging symptoms like blemishes and wrinkles if we feel a lack of meaning and contentment in our lives.
Our build up also defines how we feel. A desire to impress others and draw their attention makes one overweight. Sometimes excessive stress also projects itself in the form of obesity. Cellulite formation is often triggered due unexpressed anger within. A desire to be evasive about our presence and pensiveness results in poor appetite and being underweight.

SENSES - The way we experience the world around us
Our beliefs about the world around us trigger each and every emotion we experience and these emotions consequently affect our sensory organs.
Eyes are like windows. They provide a perspective of the world. Nearsighted people tend to live in the moment and not plan for their future. Farsighted people tend to plan for the future and project their thoughts to the 'what if's'. They have a hard time staying in the here and now Eye problems can indicate you aren't looking at something clearly, or don't want to examine something.
Hearing problems or excess wax buildup indicate no interest to hear what is going on around. Its like effectively 'tuning out'.
Our ability to smell diminishes when we catch cold or flu. Anger and stress is the main cause behind such respiratory problems.
Our mouth is how we taste the world. It deals with our senses, our 'sensuality'. A sense of disconnect from the physical world leads to loss of taste. Craving for sweets is caused when there is a desire to get more love in life. Inability to speak truth and being assertive leads to craving for salty food. Whereas desire to shatter boundaries and no longer live under restrictions leads to a craving for junk food
Strangely enough we start feeling extra cold when there is a desire to be left alone.

INFLAMMATION AND PAIN - The precursors of any illness 
Any emotional imbalance which we have immediately triggers pain and fear. This shows up as inflammation or pain in body. If ignored these common symptoms might just turn out to be major health issues.
Inflammation is usually caused due to fear. Its like seeing red. The body activates the fight or flight mode even in the absence of actual threats.
The most common form of pain which we usually experience is headache. These indicate that we are ignoring our deep needs or gut feelings. Also not living in the present and being anxious about future or guilty of past causes headaches So pay attention to this rap on the head before it turns to severe migraines.
However pain in the back of head just where it joins the spine is caused due to our inability to forgive ourselves for our past mistakes and being harshly judged
Emotions of guilt and bitterness long held within our bodies often show up as chronic pain. Its like having a guilt inside which is seeking punishment.

BODY STRUCTURE - The basis of our support and movement
Our spinal column supports our body and our limbs aid in all external visible functions of our body. Hence our inadequate belief about our support and movements manifests itself as pain in these body parts as shown in the chart below...

BODY SYSTEMS - The way we function internally 
All major negative emotions have a specific impact on each of our system and its major organs. They impact the respiratory,  circulatory, digestive, reproductive and even our immune system to cause major diseases. Most of the times its a combination of negative emotions which triggers a major illness.

Here's a list of diseases linked with their major negative emotion.
1 Constipation is caused when one is unable to release old painful ideas or has a miserly nature.
2 IBS irritable bowel syndrome happens when one has deep insecurities and a lot of worry and stress.
3 Gastritis and ulcers are a consequence of choleric emotions like anger hatred and also difficulties in sharing opinions.
4 Other stomach problems like distension, bloating,  colic,  gas and stomachache are symptoms of melancholic emotions of stress and worry.
5 Urinary problems like bedwetting and polyuria are triggered by fear
6 Kidney stones indicate holding a lot of resentment towards someone we fear to confront.
7 Diabetes and dementia are stress induced disorders
8 Liver and gall bladder issues are caused due to anger.
9 Fatigue is normally caused when we worry too much. This anxiety weakens the spleen.
10 Asthma, dyspnea and shortness of breath are caused by a lot of sadness within and also the inability to share love and care.
11 Heart suffers due to sudden spurge in our joy levels and also when we are unable to live our lives joyfully. People who suffer from depression and loose hope on getting their needs met often have clogged arteries and veins and are susceptible to stroke and other heart ailments.
12 High blood pressure is an indication of unresolved stress.
13 Reproductive system disorders are an indication of our vulnerabilities and insecurities. They show up when we are stifling our creativity and are unable to experience pleasure.
14 Cancer indicates a deep secret, hatred or guilt which is eating us away. There is also a lot of unexpressed anger within.
15 Motion sicknesses is felt when there is a strong belief of being trapped or bonded in life.

All these diseases should not make us feel that our emotions are the cause of our illness. Rather it should help us understand that any sudden change in emotions or excessive long suppressed emotions are unhealthy. Diseases are not malfunction of some dysfunctional organ, which can be corrected, replaced or removed. They are the best triggers which we have installed within our system to understand ourselves, to confront issues we are avoiding and to accept and  release the emotions involved.

Do not wait for mind-body disconnect to show up as health issues.
To know how these emotions work check my next article...

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Activate Innate

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, once said, "Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well." Inspite of having this wise physician within us called our innate intelligence we do fall sick, implying that it is not  functioning smoothly.  Now to get the desired good health output from it we must check the inputs we provide to our innate intelligence - Our perceptions, beliefs and emotions.

Yes our mind has the ultimate power over our overall health. As explained by the Greek philosopher Socrates “There is no illness of the body apart from the mind.” This is mind-body medicine in a nutshell. Mind-body medicine uses the power of thoughts and emotions to influence physical health. The key to any mind-body technique is to "train" the mind to focus on the body without distraction. So here's how to master our own minds and improve our health...

But wait; do i need to share this knowledge? Its our innate intelligence and by definition we all are born with it and we know how to utilise it. We all have used this mind-body technique at some point of time without even realizing it. Doubts? Ever got down with a bad cold or flu with an important schedule the next day, be it exam at school, presentation at office or family function at home? What do we do in such a circumstance, when we cannot afford to get ill or rest to regain our health?  Mostly in such case we take some medicine and stongly wish to pull through that day without any illness. Voila, thats exactly what happens! The special day passes without any major symptoms of cold or flu. Now depending upon the intensity of the invasion and the effectiveness of the bodys defence mechanism the condition may or may not resurface after the special event. We experience similar kind of spontaneous healing even without the aid of external medicines and easily overcome our fatigue or minor body pains. Though we may not realise it then but such incidents are a proof of the mind-body technique.

So now lets scrutinise this same incident step by step to understand how exactly the mind influences our body.

1. Awareness of body
We felt the discomfort caused by the ailment. We observed its symptoms. Thus we acknowledged the presence of the disease. 

2. Awareness of mind
We perceived that such ailments lasts for a few days (Perception based on our previous experience or the information available). We believed that NOW is not the time to get sick because of the upcoming event.

3. Acceptance to heal
We then decided to take some steps to heal ourselves - could be medicine, rest etc. Our innate intelligence by default is working at the same time to bounce back to ideal health. However when it receives this special strong belief input to maintain good health for the specific period it acts accordingly by boosting the levels of immunoglobulinA which acts as a protective coating for our cells against the invading bacteria or viruses. Thus it ensures that our special event is devoid of discomfort.

By following the above 3 steps we can heals all reparable body injuries and maladies. Health emergencies are handled well at hospitals and within the doctor's office, but for our day-to-day wellbeing, our own health depends on us and real health comes from within.

Now the best part of mind-body medicine technique is that we can prevent ourselves from getting sick. Research has shown that 70% of our ailments are created by ourselves be it as simple as a pimple or as severe as cancer. Its like saying that we are providing input to our innate intelligence to create a pimple or enable the growth of cancer cells. Shocking, isn't? To know more about this connection of illness and our emotions check my next blog... 

Always remember :

"Our beliefs can change our biology" - Bruce Lipton a cellular biologist.

What I’d like for you to take away from this article is that you have within you an innate, inborn intelligence. This intelligence is always working to help you adapt to your environment. It is geared toward health, happiness, and vitality. JUST TRUST IT